The Mystical land

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Here you can find short stories and thoughts of two friends Marc and Steve and their adventures in the mystical and somewhat mythical land of Thailand.

This is a far far away land in the east where people have developed very strange habits that leave the western travelers in awe. Instead of bread they eat rice for breakfast, they rarely use tables and chairs when eating but eat on the floor and have a strange cravings for eating bugs which horrifies the average western white walker. The inhabitants do not walk, they use motorbikes for even the shortest distances and it seems that they are competing on who can transport more people and children in the most dangerous way possible from point A to B. So it comes to no surprise that the land of Thailand is one of the top destinations to visit if one wishes to die in a road related accident.

But what mostly attracts the wary travelers are two things. The beaches and the females.

The beaches are particularly beautiful with thousands and thousands of sunbeds and walking salesman who make sure you do not spend more then 5 minutes alone and come and check on you again and again if perhaps you need some of the magical goods they provide. Just make sure you rent one of the sunbeds as just sitting or laying on the beach on your own towel will bring out the wrath of the all mighty beach sunbed peddlers and this is not something you want to experience.

And then the mystical Thai females. Oh so many stories have been told and retold about these mythical nymphs, the sirens that lure you in with their dark skin, long dark silky hair and sweet words of your own beauty and masculinity. Once you fall and give in to them there is rarely a man strong enough to ever recover and able to come back before total financial and emotional ruin. When this happens they mostly lose interest and found another poor soul to torture until the end.

So these are the stories of two brave friends who arrived to this lands many moons ago and have fallen but have risen from the ashes and still travel these lands stronger, braver and wiser then any man before them. They have learned how to play the game and are here to share the wisdom with other travelers so they may live long enough to tell their tales about the land of Thailand.

Marc and Steve



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